Pay per Monitored Service
per service / month
3 instances included
Additional instances at €7 / month
Additional spans at €2 / million
Per-hour billing
Email and live chat support
Included with Each Instance
600 Metrics
Enough high definition metrics to monitor performance and business metrics on all your instances.
1.5 Million Spans
Fan-out friendly metering. Your Spans allowance is shared across all your instances.
14 Days Retention
All metrics and distributed tracing data is stored for 14 days. Additional retention is available upon request.
Free Host Monitoring
All host metrics like CPU, memory, disk usage and network traffic for the servers running your microservices are absolutely free of charge.
All Kamino APM Features
Get access to all the features and integrations in Kamino APM regardless of how much you pay.
Free Test Environments
Because testing is a must, you get separate environments with 24 hours retention to report non-production data, absolutely free of charge.
Try Kamino for 14 days. No Credit Card Required.
What are services and instances?
Services are groups of identical processes with metrics and tracing data that differentiates them from other groups in your organization. Your "billing" microservice, your database instance or your Cassandra cluster are good examples of services and each unique process in these groups is called an instance.
How do you charge services and instances?
We count how many services and instances were sending data during each hour of the month and charge you €0.0390 for each service hour and €0.0094 for each additional instance hour. The final total is rounded up to the nearest 2 decimal number.
How often will you charge me?
We will charge your credit card at the beginning of every month for all usage incurred in the previous month.
Will you charge me if services are down?
Nope. You will be charged only the hours your services and instances were sending data.
How do test environments work?
The non-production environments have limited retention of 24 hours and can be used for monitoring staging, development and pre-production environments, absolutely free of charge.
What if I need a custom plan?
We can accommodate more metrics, spans and retention for you. Contact us through Intercom (the blue thingy on the bottom-right corner of the screen) or via email at [email protected]
Try Kamino for 14 days. No Credit Card Required.