Metrics and Distributed Tracing for Akka

Visualize and understand what is happening under the hood, both locally and across your Akka Cluster. Metrics and distributed message tracing help you pinpoint issues in no time.
Actor and Router Metrics
Distributed Message Tracing
Tailored Dashboards
Cluster Sharding Support
Akka Actor List
A platform made with
Akka in mind
From day one Kamino started as a platform to make monitoring Akka easy, with all the tools you need to monitor any actor system with minimum effort.
Akka Actor List
Comprehensive Integration
Find the problematic routers or slow actors in a breeze with our Akka-tailored dashboards and application insights.
Akka Actor List
Visibility Across the Cluster
See messages flowing across nodes in your Akka Cluster, spot bottlenecks and latency outliers with Distributed Message Tracing and Remoting Metrics.
Akka Actor List
Cluster Sharding
Visualize how Shards and Entities are distributed across the cluster and spot unbalanced regions and performance issues at a glance.
Ready to use dashboards include
Actor Metrics
Processing Time, Time in Mailbox, Mailbox Size and Errors.
Router Metrics
Processing Time, Pending Work across routees, Time in Mailbox, Routing Time and Errors.
Dispatcher Metrics
Completed Tasks, Queued Tasks and Thread-related metrics.
Actor Groups Metrics
Define arbitrary Actor Groups and Track their Processing Time, Time in Mailbox, Pending Work, Member Count and Errors.
System Metrics
Get an overview of the Actor System state showing Unhandled Messages, Dead Letters, Active Actors and Throughput.
Cluster Sharding
Track Shards and Regions Distribution, Entity's Processing Time, Time in Mailbox, Pending Work and Errors.
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