Start for free, upgrade as you grow


For developers getting started
with production monitoring
per service
billed monthly
6 hours data retention
up to 3 services
up to 2 instances per service
300 metrics per instance
500K spans per instance
basic SLO alerts


For growing teams deploying
complex systems
per service
billed monthly
14 days data retention
unlimited services
unlimited instances*
800 metrics per instance
1.5M spans per instance
custom SLO alerts
free non-production environments
* each service includes 3 instances,
additional instances cost €7 each.


For large teams deploying
gazillion services
Customized Plan
Annual Billing Available
custom data retention
volume discounts
premium support
for 20+ services


Do I have to pay for instrumentation?
Nope. All Kamon instrumentation has been, is, and will always be free and open source. The instrumentation is released under the Apache V2 license and available on Github
What are services and instances?
Services are groups of identical processes that perform a task together. Your "authentication" microservice, your database instance or your Cassandra cluster are good examples of services and each unique process in those groups is called an instance.
How do you charge services and instances?
We count how many services and instances were sending data during each hour of the month and charge you €0.0390 for each service hour and €0.0094 for each additional instance hour. The final total is rounded up to the nearest 2 decimal number.
How do test environments work?
The non-production environments have limited retention of 24 hours and can be used for monitoring staging, development and pre-production environments, absolutely free of charge.
How often will you charge me?
We will charge your credit card at the beginning of every month for all usage incurred in the previous month.
Will you charge me if services are down?
Nope. You will be charged only the hours your services and instances were sending data.
What if I need a custom plan?
We can accommodate more metrics, spans and retention for you. Contact us through Intercom (the blue thingy on the bottom-right corner of the screen) or via email at [email protected]

You can monitor up to three microservices
for free with Kamon APM