Deeply integrated monitoring for your microservices

Kamino helps you understand what is happening under the hood and ensure your users are always getting a fast and responsive experience

Full visibility in a reactive environment

First class support for Akka, Play Framework and all the asynchronous and non-blocking goodness that comes with them, right out of the box.

Trace requests across microservices

Get the big picture in a matter of seconds; our distributed tracing support connects the dots across microservices, internal components, JVMs and hosts.

Start troubleshooting faster

Forget about mapping your toolkits' domain to that of your monitoring platform, we already did that for you. Get immediate access to carefully crafted dashboards that bring issues to surface from day one.

Correlate across the stack

Get into specialized JVM garbage collection, connection pools and host metrics to understand how they affect the performance and availability of your downstream microservices.

Deliver the experience your users expect

Ensure that latency, error rates and availability stay within defined service level objectives. Get notified and ready to troubleshoot when something goes off.

One-click SLO Setup

Quickly setup essential service levels and health checks, Kamino will report breaches to your your favorite chat app.

Don't miss any outlier

Stop fooling yourself with averages across instances and time. Kamino stores latency measurements of all requests from all microservices and uses the entire dataset on every number you see in our dashboards and alerts.

Improve where matters

Pinpoint tail latency and put your teams to work on improving the pieces that leave your users waiting for too long.

Get to the bottom of your problems faster

Root cause analysis becomes a much simpler task when you get full visibility into all layers of your stack, across all your distributed infrastructure.

Get the full picture

Put all latency data at your service. Look at the whole spectrum of your latency distribution and reveal behaviors that would be completely hidden when averaging and/or summarizing data.

Depth and breath in one place

Everything is connected in Kamino. Jump between hosts, JVMs, microservices and application components to quickly identify the source of your troubles and bring service back to normal.

Be in control of your integration

Kamino uses and sponsors the Kamon Open Source project and everything you put on your servers to measure behavior and collect traces is freely available online.

Solid and proven instrumentation

Years of effort and thousands of users around the globe are using Kamon as their monitoring toolkit, providing feedback and improvements.

No vendor lock-in

Don't waste your integration efforts, Kamon has a "Instrument once, report everywhere" philosophy: you can switch reporters or compliment Kamino with other monitoring and analytics solutions.

Extend and Integrate

Don't like the instrumentation? You can change it. Want to integrate a different toolkit? Get your hands dirty and write the integrations you need, then be a good member of the community and contribute back.